June 28, 2013

T.G.I. Friday’s offers Fourth of July Promo

Fourth of July is not just about freedom and independence, it is the mother of all things American. It has seeped through pop culture—inspiring music, literature, films and even food—making July 4 more than just a date, an anniversary, a celebration; it has become a way of life that most Americans live by.

We may be an ocean apart from the US of A, but who says we cannot live the American dream within our own Pinoy fences? Let us not forget that for us, July 4 is also Filipino-American Friendship Day. Why not commemorate it in true-blue American fashion and celebrate it at one of America’s gift to mankind: T.G.I. Friday’s. First established in New York in 1971, and was first brought in the Philippines in 1994 by the acclaimed Bistro Group of restaurants, T.G.I. Friday’s has become an authority in quality American casual dining.

And because Fourth of July is all about celebrating, we will give you another reason to boost your celebratory mood. Everyone’s favorite Chicken Fingers, with its good old juicy glory, will be available at 50% off as a Fourth of July treat. Now who needs fireworks, when you can have a party in your mouth at only PhP148?

June 27, 2013

Max's Merienda DEALivery

My favorite merienda (snack) is now available at Max's Delivery. Good for 4 to 5 persons and saves about 134 pesos (vs ala cart price)

Order the Max's Merienda DEALivery online now at www.maxschicken.com. This 499peso merienda meal includes the following: 

  • 2 orders of Pancit Canton Ala Carte Regular
  • 1 Max’s Corner Bakery Sandwich Bread
  • 1 Bottle of Pepsi 1.5L.
This meal is valid from 2-6 pm only. Promo period is from June 1 to August 31, 2013.

EXCLUSIVE ONLINE PROMO: GET 1 FREE choco chip cookies pack when you order the Merienda Dealivery ONLINE through this site! order now at www.maxschicken.com!

June 22, 2013

Tame the mid-year madness with Nestea RTD

June is a time of transitions in the Philippines. It signals the end of summer and the start of the school year. It’s the month when we declared our independence from colonial rule. It is the halfway point to a year that was hopefully good and is just about to get better.

So how to cope with this high-stress period of mid-year, when everything – from school starting to mid-year office reviews to higher-volume traffic turns your comfortable home ground into a battleground?

Start by taking the year not as halfway done, but halfway there. With this glass half-full perspective, it’s a great time to create new habits and start refreshed – after all, there’s six more months to go before we start anew.

Take time to relax. If you took the first half of the year at breakneck speed, accumulating leaves and not taking any sick days, then you’ve banked enough goodwill to take a break. School just starting? Read ahead and be ready. Don’t stress out just as the year begins. There will be plenty of time to do that between now and exam time.

Get off the beaten path. Bored with the same old day-in-, day-out monotony? Get ready to break out and do small things to spice things up. Change your route going to work or school, find a new hangout to unwind, even learn a new song for the monthly videoke session. 

Find a new routine. After breaking all the old rules, it’s time to find a relaxing routine based on all the new things you have discovered. All of us find comfort in the tried and tested, especially when the bring back old memories. Just like the relaunch of Nestea Ready To Drink, bringing with it the classic goodness of iced tea in a convenient 500ml bottle, but now in exciting flavors of Lemon, Apple and Lemon Ice.

Now you’re ready to take the plunge into the rest of the year, and here’s hoping you have enough exciting memories to bottle up and take with you anytime, anywhere, just like Nestea RTD, plunge anywhere.

June 15, 2013

Ten Ways to Celebrate a Decade of Dunkin’ Donuts Day!

This coming June 15 is going to be not just any ordinary Saturday. It’s the 10th year of Dunkin’ Donuts Day!

This annual celebration is Dunkin’ Donuts’ way of thanking and giving back to its loyal patrons. Every year, a special day is dedicated to giving away free donuts for an hour, and a whole day of exciting activities that are sure to make you wish every day was Dunkin’ Donuts Day. To make the most out of this celebration, here are 10 things you can do to enjoy this day even more.
  • Line up for your FREE classic donuts. A special Derek Donut – D’s Favorite is free from 2-3 pm. The donut is an inspiration of Derek Ramsay’s two favorites, the Boston Kreme and the Strawberry Filled.
  • Visit your favorite Dunkin Donuts outlet. With the proliferation of Dunkin’ Donuts branches around the country, this shouldn’t be hard.
  • Get two dozen donuts for only P299. This promo is available only on Dunkin’ Donuts Day, so hurry and get your fill!
  • Bring friends and family. There’s a reason why donuts are often bought in dozens – because they are best when shared.
  • Taste new flavors. With endless selections from the Classics and Premium donut lines, go beyond your free Derek Donut and have a bit of each.
  • Try other items! From savory snacks like bunwiches, croissants, and the Dunkcreations, to baked goodies such as the muffins and brownies, even those with no sweet tooth can find something to enjoy at Dunkin’.
  • Participate in activities. With mascots, balloonists, photo booths and other surprises in store, there’s no reason to just keep your place in line.
  • Find the perfect drink to pair with your donut. From brewed to iced coffee, to Dunkcoctions, there’s one that will match your craving.
  •  Spot Derek at Dunkin’. This heartthrob says there’s only Dunkin’ for him, so let him feed you one. Take a picture of yourself being fed by his likeness – it’s real enough to fool even Derek himself.
  • Share your experience on Facebook and Twitter. Let everyone enjoy Dunkin’ Donuts Day even if they’re not with you. Share photos, your place in line, and even a shot of your free donut.

See you all at your favorite Dunkin’ Donuts branch!

June 14, 2013

Check Me Inn # 02 : Richville Hotel


I'll be starting a new collection in this blog. I'll call it "Check me Inn". Its about the Inns and Hotels where I stayed for both travels and rest. Please, don't be get the title wrong. My intention for this meme is to share to you my observations and experiences in the featured Inn or Hotel. My entry will surely make or break your decision thus I must forewarn you that this is just my Experience. You might have a different taste or observation thus it will make your experience different from mine. Also, I do not intent to write up something against the featured Inn or Hotel, my intent is to share to you my experience so that you can have some ideas in serving us - the Inn and Hotel Clients - better.

For the second installment : Richville Hotel in EDSA Crossing

Richville - building

Background Story before the stay:

Its Seminar days once again for my dear GF and finding a place to stay is the first thing to do to help her. They need a place near University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P). Their last place near UA&P cannot be contacted thus they resulted to find one again. Go Hotel in Mandaluyung was the first choice but since they are three pax getting two rooms is not practical. So I suggested Richville Hotel. To my happiness Mr. Cris helped me out reserved the room even without credit card. I also asked him that they(GF and her co-teachers) will be arriving early morning from a first flight and he agreed to let their things be stored first then they'll check in after the first day of the seminar. Mr. Cris also gave us discount. Thank You Mr. Cris.

The Room:

While waiting for them to arrive at the hotel. I seat comfortably in the lobby.

Richville - Lobby

The south wing of the lobby is the coffee shop and restaurant.

Richville - Coffee Shop

and the north wing of the lobby is the front desk.

Richville - Front Desk

At last they arrived and they let me check out their room. It clean and neat. Since they are 3 in a room, the 3rd person sleeps solo and the other 2 sleeps in a queen bed. The bed is soft and the pillows are great. I'll surely won't snore on these.

Richville - Bed

I was amazed to see a tub & shower in their bath. The room and the T&B is really big too It's unusual for a standard room.

Richville - washroom

The room also has a very cold aircon and a big flat screen TV but that TV frame is deceiving. It also have a coffee table and comfy chairs thus they are able to do their lessons plans with comfort.

Richville - TV

The Cabinet (sorry no photo due to lack of shooting space) is also big and very helpful in organizing their things. Over all, They had a very good stay in spite of the city noise of buses and MRT.

Also, included in the room rate is the buffet breakfast which worth 220 pesos. Nice isn't it? Since I'm not a staying guest, GF asked me to come back early morning to have breakfast with them and we will just pay for my buffet breakfast. Cool!


Aircon = cold 5/5
TV = with cable check! 5/5
T&B = spacious and clean 6/5 extra point for the tub
H&C water = good 5/5
Cabinet and coffee table = cool! 5/5
free breakfast = yes 6/5 extra point for the buffet

Staff = courteous and friendly 6/5 extra point for Mr. Cris for the discount
Room Rate = affordable and best value for money 6/5 extra point for the buffet breakfast

going back = YES
recommended = YES

Check me Inn

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Richville Hotel
EDSA Crossing, Mandaluyong City, Philippines
last 24th of May 2013


June 13, 2013

Bulgogi Brothers Amps Up Barbecue Goodness

The rainy season is almost upon us, and with the bed weather looming, it is an inviting thought to indulge yourself with good food—something hot, something hearty, and meaty, something smoky, something comforting, like barbecue. And even though the season is not as warm, it will never be too late for a good barbecue.

Bulgogi Brothers gives you not one but five reasons to indulge that barbecue craving. Whether you are seafood seeker, a chicken connoisseur, or a red meat raver, Bulgogi Brothers has something from their latest dishes just for you. 

Start with the Seafood Special for a salmon and apahap combo, or indulge in Spicy Boneless Chicken to sate those poultry cravings sans the fuss. Or you can go big and meaty with hearty servings of Boneless Beef Ribs, LA-Style Short Ribs, and Korean Pork Belly. These new barbecue specials have servings big enough for sharing.

Visit any branch and sink your teeth into some delicious Korean barbecue goodness. Bulgogi Brothers Barbecue Special is now available at their outlets in Alabang Town Center, Greenbelt 5, SM Mall of Asia, Harbor Point Mall, Subic and SM Lanang Premier.

For more information, visit Bulgogi Brothers’ Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Bulgogi.Brothers.Philippines

June 12, 2013

THULE® of Sweden opens its Store in The Block SM North EDSA

11th June 2013
4/f The Block
SM City North EDSA, Quezon City

Thule, a Swedish brand famous in Roof Racks and Travel Bags opens its doors to Philippine Market in the 4th Floor of The Block of SM City North EDSA.

Thule SM North EDSA

Their Bag collection is categorized into four, namely:

Thule Gauntlet - a collection of MacBook Sleeves and Attaches.

Thule also launched a line exclusively for electronic gear. The Gauntlet Collection was designed by THULE® to provide tough protection for the Macbook Pro. The Gauntlet MacBook Air Sleeves, the THULE® Gauntlet MacBook Pro Sleeves and the THULE® Gauntlet MacBook Pro Attaches are possibly the most rugged looking sleeves and armor one can get for their Macbook Pro. The sleeves are strikingly futuristic with an armor-like shield pattern. The Attaches are specially fitted for 13” and 15” MacBook Pros.
Thule Perspektiv - a collection for DSLR and Action Sports Cameras.

A new range of camera bags that will appeal to photo buffs, particularly die-hard outdoor photographers. Made up of four must-haves -- the GoPro case, Daypack, Toploader and Messenger – all camera bags offer protection from the elements through welded and taped critical seams and Durable Water Resistant (DWR) treated fabric to protect its contents from splashes. All bags have THULE®’s SafeZone™ Technology that keeps delicate and important items safe : dry, crush-proof and scratch-free.
Really active sports enthusiasts with GoPro cameras will like how GoPro’s features and attachments seem to have considered their every need. The bag has a crushproof padded camera compartment with a divider system for keeping things organized, plus flip down organization panels that keep SD cards and spares locked in place. The bag closes with a roll down soft top that makes it versatile for individual use.
Also introduced was The Daypack, which has all the right compartments, zippers and pockets to win the hearts of outdoor photographers. Its mandatory tripod back strap, side pocket for water bottle and well-ventilated padded back are big plusses. There’s space enough for a DSLR body with attached lens, and customizable storage for two more lenses. The pod system that holds the camera and gear can be removed should one want to use the Daypack as a plain backpack.
There was the Toploader, a smaller camera bag that allows access from the top so one need not open the bag from the side and mess with the straps and buckles. Worn three ways, it has a detachable stabilizing belt that keeps the bag snug around the waist even if one moves around a lot. It comes in medium-size (to hold a DSLR body with attached zoom lens and batteries) and a little larger (to be able to carry a DSLR body with extended battery pack and lens up to 70-200 mm).
Also in the Perspektiv line is the Messenger – a camera bag that slings over the shoulder and fits right in at the office or out in the field. It can hold a DSLR camera with attached zoom lens and still have space for a laptop in a separate padded compartment.

Thule SM North EDSA
Top two Rows : Thule Gauntlet; Bottom two  Rows : Thule Perspektiv
Thule Crossover - a collection of Travel Bags fit for active lifestyle. It crosses over from the office to outdoors. Backpacks, Duffel Packs, Rolling Upright and Rolling Duffels.

Thule SM North EDSA photo Thule4_zps7599bc50.jpg

Made up of hyper stylish duffel bags, rucksacks and rolling luggage – all with THULE®’s seal of quality, rugged elegance and innovation. The bags have compartment space for helmets, gloves and other necessities and are unique because they have oversized wheels for smooth mobility, proprietary V-tubing™ (telescoping handles) lightweight design and durable, high-quality aluminum hardware.
THULE®’s Crossover Travel lets travellers take on any airport or station as they would any slope, river or trail – with ruggedly durable and highly functional rollers, carry-ons and duffels. The duffel line, THULE®’s Crossover Mobile resonates with technology buffs’ specifications with SafeZone compartments and padded computer areas.
Under Travel, the THULE® Crossover 60L Rolling Upright with Race Pack is two bags in one that can be used for extended travel or just a day trip – just simply remove or attach its race pack. Globetrotters will go for the THULE® Crossover 45L Rolling Upright/22” because it can fold adventure into business travel. It expands and has a removable tri-fold suitor, plus a cinch bag that can hold objects separately. The THULE® Crossover 38L Rolling Carry-On/21” has a dual personality. Both roller and backpack, it can change its mind, just with a flick of its hidden, cool-mesh shoulder straps. THULE®’s Crossover 87L Rolling Duffel is ideal for stuffing gear because of its wide mouth that makes it easy to load helmets, boots, gloves, jackets and other travel essentials. The THULE® Crossover 56L Rolling Duffel, a smaller version of the 87L, is so easy to handle.
But there’s more. THULE® duffels beckon to those with shorter or more informal travel ideas. The THULE® Crossover 70L accommodates gear and more into its extra large duffel space that has a full-zippered access to a protected “staging area”. The THULE® Crossover 40L Duffel Pack is a hybrid backpack/duffel with back panel access -- perfect for weekend getaways AND backpacking abroad. The THULE® Crossover 32L Backpack works hard during the workweek with its dedicated organization features, but it can change its mind ASAP to become a gym bag or weekend adventure bag when the idea hits. Gear heads meanwhile will love the THULE® Crossover 25L Backpack because it has dedicated electronics protection-plus pockets and compartments for beloved gizmos. The THULE® Crossover Sling Pack is a low-profile sling with an extra-wide breathable strap that keeps its cool and allows easy access to electronics and gear via uber accessible zippered pockets.

Thule EnRoute - a collection of backpacks for outdoor and daily use. A personal range made up of a series of daypacks that are perfect for commuters and individuals on the go. All sport the Safe Zone™ -- a compartment that protects eyewear, small electronics and other fragile, mustn’t lose stuff.
EnRoute Blur is a 23-liter daypack that compartmentalizes everyday gear, with space for a 17” MacBook Pro and an iPad or 10.1 Tablet. EnRoute Mosey has a hooded top that enables one to open and store items conveniently even with busy hands and can accommodate various electronic gadgets in its 28-liter space. EnRoute Strut is only 19-liters big but it’s a nifty city slicker that can carry a 15” Macbook and an iPad together in its shell. The 29-liter EnRoute Escort overflows with pockets and compartments where one can stash one’s daily gear – including a 17” MacBook Pro and an iPad, together.

Thule SM North EDSA photo Thule3_zps0fa94407.jpg
Thule EnRoute Backpacks

All Bags and cases are based in Thule's three basic principles: Function, Safety and Quality with Style.

The Concept Store is located at the 4/f The Block of SM City North EDSA. Thule selected products are also available in: Power Mac Center and; Tripologie branches: at Eastwood Citywalk 2; Alabang Town Center; and Bonifacio Global City.


June 11, 2013

Winning the Brewing Escapades of Bo's Coffee Club

Last May 10, 2013, I joined a contest from Bo's Coffee Club's Facebook site.

Brewing excapades photo brewingexcapades_zps899f744f.jpg

The rule is simple: just share your Bo's Coffee Club experience in less than 150 words. So my sharing goes like this:

"26 Aug 2009 was the first time i went to Cagayan de Oro to meet my GF's family. the next day was our first ever formal date, after which, we strolled in LKK. after a few minutes, her father texted her and he want us to meet them in Bo's Coffee in Rosario Strip. It was my first time to go to a coffee shop. From then on, every time i visit CDO (w/c is 2x a year)I always go to that same place to reminisce my life's many first. Thank You Bo's Coffee Club for being my accomplice"

But here's the Complete Sharing/Story.

26 Aug 2009 was my first time to go to Cagayan de Oro. It was my first time to Meet her family and also my first to go to Mindanao. The next day, we post celebrated our first year anniversary as BF/GF, it was our first formal date. After dinner, we strolled at the Lim Ket Kai Mall (LKK) after a few minutes, her father texted her inviting us for coffee at the Bo's Coffee Club's Rosario Strip. I was shy and puzzled upon entering the coffee shop. It was my first time to go to such place. Flashbacks of movie scenes where customer recite their orders in a fast fluid manner. Unlike me, who is clueless of what to say. "I think its better for you to order" I said to GF. "Just order what you want" she answered. So I just read whats on the board: the coffee I always dreamed of having - Cappuccino. The clerk asked a few questions and I got the hot big mug. As for GF, she had a hot choco, as for her parents and her sister those frappes which I can't recall. Her sister took this photo for us.

Brewing Escapades photo BoCoffeeClubRosarioStrip_zpsb2fea5d7.jpg

After this meet-the-parents' date, we all headed home. The next day, and the next day thereafter after bringing her to work or before getting her after work, I still go to that place to reminisce my life's many first.

May 15 was the deadline and I submitted my entry few minutes before deadline. Judging was on May 20. I thought I'll never win for my entry is abit unorganized and further more, I never got an email or PM from them. But still I'm curious who won and whats their story. So I visited their Facebook page and found this:

Brewing Escapades photo brewingexcapades_zpsa643c926.jpg

Praise God! I won!!!

June 4, I went to Bo's Coffee Club's SM Megamall Branch to pick-up my prizes.

Brewing Escapades photo boscoffeeaward_zps79e31bf9.jpg

Thank you Bo's Coffee Club for choosing my entry. After 4+ years I finally have an Bo's Coffee Club Mug. I dreamed of having it but I dont want to buy it. I wanted it as a gift or like this winning it. Sadly the autograph of Mr. Steve Benitez washed out from the dishwashing :( but stil I have a mug! YES! as for the GC, I promised we'll use it as a double date: me & GF and her parents to thank them for inviting us on that first coffee date. If that coffee date did not happened, i'll never have this sharing and this prizes. Daghan salama pud GF's parents!


June 10, 2013

Tips to fuel your body for fast recovery after workout

These days, people have become more conscious with fitness. Gyms are always populated, and some households even have their own exercise machines. Religiously, gym buffs would lift tons of weights and some would allot a specific time frame to fulfill their daily appointment with the stationary bike or treadmill, to build muscles. But despite the routine, most workoutholics are not really fully aware of how muscles grow.

100Plus Lemon Lime Flavor

They say no pain, no gain, and this is true with muscles as well. Our muscles become sore after workouts because they have incurred microscopic tears while they are being used. The more we work out, the more tears our muscles have. This is the first step step in the muscle building process. 

100Plus Orange Blast Flavor

The next process is the critical part of muscle building. After all those tears, muscles need to recover so that they can regenerate, bulk up, and tone. Aside from losing the health benefits of muscle mass, improper recovery can also lead to injuries. So here are simple tips to ensure that you make the most out of every work out by recovering properly.

100Plus Original Flavor

1.     Play it cool. Cooling down muscles after workouts reduces inflammation and increases recovery time. It can also reduce soreness. Use ice packs to relieve post-workout pain in specific areas; or do a general cool down with an ice bath.

2.     Beef up. Protein builds muscle, but only complete proteins such as those found in eggs, meat, fish, and dairy products. Make sure you include carbs as well post work out, as your body will tap into your muscles for energy if you don’t have enough reserves. 

3.     Pay the PRICE if you are truly sore. PRICE means protect, rest, ice, compress, elevate. While stressing your muscles can aid in work outs, not listening to your body can result in injuries. Even the hardiest of workoutaholics need to take a break every once in a while.

4.     Get enough sleep. Recovery = Sleep. So to recover completely, you must sleep adequately, at approximately six to eight hours a day.

5.     Replenish fluids and electrolytes. Dehydration is not only draining, it’s also dangerous. Aside from recovery, hydration also keeps you healthy, especially after a work out. Replacing lost fluids not only freshens you up, but also stabilizes blood volume. While water by itself is good, here’s something better. 100PLUS is a lightly carbonated isotonic drink that replenishes lost liquids and nutrients, including sodium, faster than ordinary water. So, if faster recovery is what you aim for, 100PLUS is the way to go.

Now that you know what the hard work in work outs are about, you can make the most of your activities without hurting yourself. Remember, take the time it takes for you to prepare for a workout, and take the time after to repair yourself.

Made for the active individual, 100PLUS Hydration Drink replenishes lost body fluids during intense workouts, heat exhaustion, and other strenuous activities. It contains carbohydrates, minerals, and electrolytes that a person needs to push harder when the going gets tough. With a light and revitalizing taste that’s carbonated to maximize refreshment, 100PLUS comes in 3 revitalizing flavors: Orange Blast, Lemon Lime, and Original. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/100PlusPhilippines.

June 6, 2013

A Fruity Twist on a Beloved Dunkin' Classic

Living in the tropics means we have classic go-to fruits for every season. What’s even better is that we can enjoy them year-round, come rain or come shine. Looking for specialty fruits per region is also an exciting adventure, because the Philippines seems to have as many fruits as it does regions.

Year-round fruits are a constant delight, and in this area, the banana leads the pack. Whether you like the Lakatan, Saba, or SeƱorita, it is great as is ripe, or sugared with ice and milk. Legend has it that the first banana tree grew somewhere in Mindanao, and came from the heart of a young maiden who refused to marry someone she did not love.

Speaking of hearts, the reigning queen of these fruits is the strawberry, which grows in abundance up north, primarily in Baguio. Enjoyed as is or as a perfect complement to cream, strawberries are a popular dessert for romantic occasions.

How to enjoy these two fruits coming from either end of the Philippines? By biting into the new Strawberry-Banana variant of Dunkin’ Donuts. Combining the smooth creaminess of yellow bananas and the luscious burst of red strawberries, this flavor is sure to delight the senses, without having to travel north and south for your fix.

Fruity Donut Strawberry Banana

Joining the strawberry up north is the lemon, which, although native to Asia, was transplanted to the Philippines through the Europeans. Available in summer in high altitude areas such as Tagaytay and Benguet, these yellow wonders are becoming fast staples in local dishes. To enjoy its full glory without the accompanying tartness, get a Lemon Dunkin’ Donuts fruity donut instead. It contains all the tangy goodness without the sharp bite.

Fruity Donut Lemon

But for the king of Philippine fruits, there are two that vie for the crown. Most obvious is the durian, considered the king of fruits in Asia. With a distinctive taste to match its smell, it is an acquired taste that many have come to know and love. But perhaps it is the ubiquitous mango, available everywhere, but most sweet in Zambales, Pangasinan, and Guimaras that takes the crown, it being the national fruit. So why not enjoy the two in an amazing combo of a Mango-Durian donut?

Fruity Donut Mango Durian

All varieties of the Dunkin’ Donuts Fruity Donuts, namely, Banana-Strawberry, Lemon, and Mango-Durian, are available for only P20. Now it’s easy for you to enjoy your favorite fruits regardless of the season, and your location, at your favorite Dunkin’ Donut branch.
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