June 14, 2013

Check Me Inn # 02 : Richville Hotel


I'll be starting a new collection in this blog. I'll call it "Check me Inn". Its about the Inns and Hotels where I stayed for both travels and rest. Please, don't be get the title wrong. My intention for this meme is to share to you my observations and experiences in the featured Inn or Hotel. My entry will surely make or break your decision thus I must forewarn you that this is just my Experience. You might have a different taste or observation thus it will make your experience different from mine. Also, I do not intent to write up something against the featured Inn or Hotel, my intent is to share to you my experience so that you can have some ideas in serving us - the Inn and Hotel Clients - better.

For the second installment : Richville Hotel in EDSA Crossing

Richville - building

Background Story before the stay:

Its Seminar days once again for my dear GF and finding a place to stay is the first thing to do to help her. They need a place near University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P). Their last place near UA&P cannot be contacted thus they resulted to find one again. Go Hotel in Mandaluyung was the first choice but since they are three pax getting two rooms is not practical. So I suggested Richville Hotel. To my happiness Mr. Cris helped me out reserved the room even without credit card. I also asked him that they(GF and her co-teachers) will be arriving early morning from a first flight and he agreed to let their things be stored first then they'll check in after the first day of the seminar. Mr. Cris also gave us discount. Thank You Mr. Cris.

The Room:

While waiting for them to arrive at the hotel. I seat comfortably in the lobby.

Richville - Lobby

The south wing of the lobby is the coffee shop and restaurant.

Richville - Coffee Shop

and the north wing of the lobby is the front desk.

Richville - Front Desk

At last they arrived and they let me check out their room. It clean and neat. Since they are 3 in a room, the 3rd person sleeps solo and the other 2 sleeps in a queen bed. The bed is soft and the pillows are great. I'll surely won't snore on these.

Richville - Bed

I was amazed to see a tub & shower in their bath. The room and the T&B is really big too It's unusual for a standard room.

Richville - washroom

The room also has a very cold aircon and a big flat screen TV but that TV frame is deceiving. It also have a coffee table and comfy chairs thus they are able to do their lessons plans with comfort.

Richville - TV

The Cabinet (sorry no photo due to lack of shooting space) is also big and very helpful in organizing their things. Over all, They had a very good stay in spite of the city noise of buses and MRT.

Also, included in the room rate is the buffet breakfast which worth 220 pesos. Nice isn't it? Since I'm not a staying guest, GF asked me to come back early morning to have breakfast with them and we will just pay for my buffet breakfast. Cool!


Aircon = cold 5/5
TV = with cable check! 5/5
T&B = spacious and clean 6/5 extra point for the tub
H&C water = good 5/5
Cabinet and coffee table = cool! 5/5
free breakfast = yes 6/5 extra point for the buffet

Staff = courteous and friendly 6/5 extra point for Mr. Cris for the discount
Room Rate = affordable and best value for money 6/5 extra point for the buffet breakfast

going back = YES
recommended = YES

Check me Inn

Photo herein is captured using
Canon Powershot A580 in
Richville Hotel
EDSA Crossing, Mandaluyong City, Philippines
last 24th of May 2013

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