December 3, 2013

My second want for Christmas is a Timex Ironman Run Trainer 2.0 T5K743

I admit I'm not an Ironman nor a triathlete but it doesn't mean that I won't dream of having an ultimate athletic watch.

Things I do love about Timex Ironman Run Trainer 2.0 T5K743:

First is the GPS capability. Back in 2002, was my first travel by sea. Its a 24 hour ship ride from Manila to Dumaguete City. It was my many first: travel by sea; to go to Dumaguete and; my first Visayan city to visit. While at sea , all we can see is the blue sea horizon. Imagine our delight when we see islands or fishing boats and other ships. With such an experience we always see ourselves asking "where are we?" Going back to Manila was on sea too but on a different route, we sailed from Bacolod City - we rode a bus from Dumaguete to Bacolod - to Manila and yes it was the same question "where are we?". Forward a few years and I found out the full benefits of having a GPS. We can track down where we are even in the middle of nowhere. Im not an Ironman but it realy takes to be an Ironman to battle sea travel.

The healthy features of this watch are: a heartbeat monitor and; hydration and nutrition timers. Some months ago, I went to a gym and it really pays to have a heartbeat monitor and a timer that alarms to tell me to, lets say, to stop cycling to rest and water break. This watch will sure watch my intervals of exercise and breaks.

To know more of this watch and other Timex Hero Models watch this video

I dearly do hope that this wish will come true. If you are asking what was my first want for Christmas, well its marrying my best true friend this 28th ;) who gave me a Timex watch as an anniversary present.

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