February 27, 2013

Max's Merienda Mixes 2

Our beloved Max's Restaurant has a new offering for snacks.

Do you want to save up to P111.00*? Where does P95.00 give you? Burger, fries and drink that makes your tummy unfilled as soon as you left the store? Max's Merienda Mixes will surely fill your tummy for just P95.00. Here are your choices:

Max’s Corner Bakery’s Ensaimada : Yema, Ube, Mongo, Cheese or Chocolate.

Max’s Merienda dish: Pancit Luglug, Pancit Canton or Max’s Triple Chocolate Champorado.

Drink : steaming brewed coffee, Max’s refreshing sago’t gulaman or a glass of any Pepsi softdrink.

My choice is : Yema Ensaimada + Pancit Luglug + Sago't Gulaman

Max's Merienda Mixes is only available from 2pm until 6pm in all Max's Restaurant branches nationwide.

* = vs. ala cart prices.
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