June 5, 2012

Ultimate Lads Holidays: Sunny Beach

Are you and the boys looking for somewhere original to spend summer this year?

When you’ve tried and tested the likes of San Antonio, Malia and Ayia Napa you really should make Sunny Beach, Bulgaria the next on your list of ultimate lads holidays.

Think about your criteria; cheap beer, beaches, bars? Sunny Beach has everything you need for the best break away with the boys.

You might not think it matters, but Sunny Beach sits just next to Turkey – consider stunning climates, strong sun rays and beautiful beaches (and bikini bodies!).

On the black sea, you are sure to find a spot on the sands; Sunny Beach has one of the largest coasts in Europe, stretching an impressive eight kilometres long and from 30 to 60 metres wide.

Party rocking in Sunny Beach starts at the dusk of dawn. Bring in the new day with summer beats at Mexo bar. In fact, you’re on holiday, so bring in the new day with summer beats and beer at Mexo bar. Why not?

The large shoreline means there is a huge amount of activity to keep the lads occupied. Assuming you’ve already packed your beach binoculars (behave!), slyly bronzing yourself is in order mid-morning.

When the sun gets hot, take to the seas to keep cool and try out some of the watersports on offer.

Whether you want to dive into the deeps, try paragliding with your mates or simply fancy a bash on a banana boat, there’s a ton of stuff to make your holiday memorable.

Of course, nights should be spent hitting the bars and clubs. Sunny beach town is where it’s at; spend pre-midnight hours topping up in the bars before heading to Club Orange or Revolution.

Get on Google and give Sunny Beach a search, the best deals on lads holidays are almost always online.

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