September 27, 2011

Bloggers' Manifesto

My Code of Conduct as a Blogger

While I'm blog hopping, I came across to this wigget. with full curiosity I cliked it.

Then it lead me to "The Blogger’s Manifesto" which serves as a guideline for Best Blogging Practices of the current and future members of Digital Parents Australia. I do belive on this manefesto and yes, even if it was created as guidlines for the said community/group, the founder of this manifesto - Ms. Brenda Gaddi - is opening it to all blogger all over the world who wish to adhere to it. Since the day I started blogging, I knew that I should be an ethical blogger and this manifesto really put words to what I feel as our code of ethics in blogging, thus I'm sharing this menifesto.

Do you agree to the manifesto? Can you adhear to it? Me? I will! its now my concrete code of conduct as a blogger. If you are too, visit Blogger's Manifesto now to know more and then sign up into their Honour Roll then copy and paste the badge to your site.

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Bloggers' Manifesto

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