July 31, 2012

Max's Merienda Mixes

We can now mix and match your snacks in Max's Restaurants. Max's Restaurant together with its sister company Max's Corner Bakery whips up a new appetizing treat for us who loves snacks for they now have "Max's Merienda Mix" for only 95 pesos, we can now enjoy a complete, customized merienda experience. (That saves us 99 pesos versus individually paid item.)

Only have to do is to choose one Max's Corner Bakery Treat : Cheese Roll; or Ensaimada; or cake roll slice (Ube, Manggo, Chocolate, Mocha, or Jelly)

Max's Merienda Mixes - cakes
(clockwise from 12 o'clock: Mocha Roll; Ensaimada; Cheese Roll; and Jelly Roll)

Then add one Max's Restaurant classic merienda treat : small Pansit Canton; or Plain Pansit Luglog or a petite Champorado.

Max's Merienda Mixes - classic merienda
(clockwise from 12 o'clock: Champorado Petite; Small Pancit Canton; and Plain Pancit Luglog)

Lastly,complete it with a drink : a glass of Pepsi; or a glass of Sago't Gulaman; or a hot brewed coffee.

Max's Merienda Mixes - drinks
(clockwise from leftmost: a glass of Pepsi; Sago't Gulaman; and Brewed Coffee)

For me, I recommend Choco Cake Roll plus Pansit Luglog and Sago't Gulaman.


When you availed the Max's Merienda Treat from July 19 to September 16, 2012, you can have a chance to travel for two (2) to see Max's Branch in San Fransisco, USA and watch a "Express Yourself" concert plus pocket money. They will draw five (5) winners and winners must process their own US Visa and passport. Visit http://www.maxschicken.com/mcbmerienda/index.php?/home/promo_mechanics for contest details.

To Join the raffle, just save your official receipt and enter/encode the details at http://www.maxschicken.com/mcbmerienda
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