March 27, 2009

Tatak Pinoy # 01: Chicharon of Carcar, Cebu

After a series of Pinoy Street Foods, lets take a break and let me feature Pinoy Native Products with a title "Tatak Pinoy" to support the Philippine Department of Trade and Industries' "one town one product (OTOP)" campaign. I will make a blog entries regarding "OTOPs" in this meme so do please visit every Friday and the Food Friday Meme.

My featured menu for today:

Carcar Chicharon

it taste like ordinary chicharon (pork cracklings) but this one is great - greater than the others - you cannot taste the oil/grease and its less salty too.

Town: Carcar
Province: Cebu
Product: Chicharon (pork cracklings)

All photos herein are captured by ShutterHappy Jenn using Canon Powershot A1000is in La Guardia Hotel, OsmeƱa Blvd., Cebu City, Cebu last 18 of February 2009

Have a Great Friday to all of us Food Friday Diners :D



Anonymous said...

love the this pork skin.

happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

they said that carcar chicharon is the best daw but i beg to differ!!

i love chicharon with a little bit of fat (parang meat) to it.. yummmehhh!!! we especially buy chicharon that is like this...hehehe

gahh! i miss chicharon!

happy weekend!

♥peachkins♥ said...

uy, chicharon din?? ang daming cholesterol pero okay naman yan kahit paminsan-minsan lang..

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

greta sharing! tahnks!
Happy weekend! :)

maiylah said...

haven't tasted that, yet. they look good! have you tried chicharitos? (though am not sure if they are still around, lol) they taste good, too. kulang nalang dyan sukang maanghang! :)

thanks for playing again, Jay
happy weekend

Liza said...

Pampabata! Hahaha

Anonymous said...

i taasted makphen and tpen's carcar chicharon from cebu and it taste great! theres no msg as well and its not that salty and tastes yummy as well ... thanks for sharing hihihi nice blog

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