January 23, 2009

Pinoy Street Food # 13: Grilled Chicken Feet and Head

As I mentioned on my past blog entry prelude to Pinoy Street Food I will make a blog entries regarding "pinoy street foods" and I will create the succeeding entries in this meme so do please visit every Friday and the Food Friday Meme.

My featured menu for today:
Grilled Chicken Feet and Head

Last time I featured Inihaw(grilled) Set A has many lacks of featured grilled food of so im featuring the lacks on the upcoming entries as of now i'm featuring Chicken Head (aka Helmet) & Feet (aka Adidas)

im not eating this two not because of the fear factor thing but because its boney. you wont get much meat just the skin. but for others they love these because they love getting the skin(meat) out of the bones, just like deboning crabmeats out of its shell.

Have a Great Friday Everyone :)

All photos herein are captured by Familia Khuletz using Canon Powershot A580


Anonymous said...

Yung chicken feet pwede pa, pero the chicken head, no way! =)

My food friday entries are here and here.

Anonymous said...

am afraid am not brave enough to try both! lol. :D

thanks again for playing, Jay
happy ff!

JO said...

hindi ko yata kayang kainin ang mga yan... :-)

Eto ang aking lahok

♥peachkins♥ said...

masarap ang chicken feet pero di rin ako kumakain ng chicken head..

happy ff and have a great weekend!

bakit bawal ang longganisa sa'yo?

Anonymous said...

i eat both! hehe im a voracious eater i guess. i grew up in pasay where street foods are the mainstream yeah baby lots of them in that place. in fact, you you may not believe it but what the heck, i used to sell bbq in front of our house - pork, chicken feet and head, blood, isaw etc.

anyways, good stuff you got here. will frequent your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Walang pwet? haha I am not a fan of these pero I have recently developed liking sa bishops! :D

Unknown said...

hmmmnn..chicken feet type ko! i always order chicken feet at chinese restos. chicken head, di ko pa nasusubukan...my dog loves it though.:D

Anonymous said...

ako rin parang hindi kaya ng powers ko pareho. thanks for visiting mine.

happy ff!

Anonymous said...

parang ang sarap ng chicken feet! at pwede rin tong lahoksa LP ha, kahel ang kulay e:)

Anonymous said...

Ay ako din, ayaw ko ng chicken head hehehe
Paborito ko sa chicken feet ay sa dimsum :-)

Zeee said...

Aw! Ayoko ng adidas (feet) at helmet (head)! Isaw lang...hahahaha :)

Anonymous said...


Nancy Reyes said...

Yum. Our neighbor sells these too. I linked, and borrowed the photo: is that okay?

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