January 16, 2009

Pinoy Street Food # 12: Fried Chicken

As I mentioned on my past blog entry prelude to Pinoy Street Food I will make a blog entries regarding "pinoy street foods" and I will create the succeeding entries in this meme so do please visit every Friday and the Food Friday Meme.

My featured menu for today:
Fried Chicken

Last time I featured Letchon Manok (Roasted Chicken) and many was delighted specially for those are staying outside the Philippines. I guess they are home sick upon reading that entry.

For this entry i will feature the fried counter part.

During my College days i am fond of eating fried chicken for lunch and sometimes i even take home the breast part for my dinner at home. Good thing about that place is that they have a big space that can accommodate dine-in eaters. we will just select which chix part and they will serve it with rice. since im on a budget i always buy the half of breast part. when they serve it to you they will get the gravy which is contained in a 2-litter pitcher that KFC cant beat. =))

the kiosk that im featuring in my pix has different choice cuts: neck; wing; leg (drumstick & thigh); Whole Breast and Back; half Chicken; and Whole Chicken. Each cuts have different prices. they make a batter as its breading. its a mixture of flour, water and spices. they will fry it until half done so that when you buy it, it will be fried again and serve hot with gravy placed on a small plastic bag.

Have a Great Friday Everyone :)

All photos herein are captured by Familia Khuletz using Canon Powershot A580


docemdy said...

My favorite fried chicken is the one from Max's. Yummy!

Zeee said...

Yum! Who doesn't love chicken? I love KFC's crispy hot chicken...mmmmm I have seen a Jollibee-like fried chicken sold and cooked in a cart...parang cheap fried chicken!

*Thanks for the comment Jay!

Anonymous said...

Chicken however its cooked is so good! But I really love the one from last week hehe...:D Happy FF!

♥peachkins♥ said...

sus! dati naadik ako sa pritong leeg...tig-P5 lang ang isa nun dati. Bumibili ako ng P20 na puro leeg lang...buti na lang buhay pa ako..

Race said...

hay naku siguro 90% of filipinos love fried chicken (estimate ko lang hehehe)more so if it's newly fried, ako i've mastered crispy fried chicken cooked in my own kitchen for my kids. On occasions like birthdays I do chicken lollipops for extra appeal on kids! blockbuster lagi ang fried chicken lollipop ko :-) nice entry! thanks for the visit!

Anonymous said...

i love fried chicken!!! parang ang sarap tuloy magpa-deliver (tamad magluto, lol) ... ;P

thanks again for playing, Jay
happy weekend

Anonymous said...

everybody's favorite talaga ang chicken 'no?

yan ba ang jaribee chiken joy? :D

thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...


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